Lingua Franca | world music méditerranéenne

19 novembre 2017 à 17h | Les Halles

Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca Ensemble portrait No 1

Yayli Tanbur, Tarhu, Ney

Oud, Guitar, Voice


Riq, Darbuka, Frame Drums, Marimba

Lingua Franca
circumnavigates on a musical wandering.
A journey during which the rich eastern mediterranean traditions and western music elements blend and compose colourful soundscapes using music as their common language.

The ensemble creates and performs music with respect to the character of the modal music cultures. Being free from the need to create expressive exaggerations, Lingua Franca Ensemble leads the audience on an emotional journey, offering euphoria.

In 2015 Lingua Franca Ensemble was selected among several ensembles from all corners of the world, to participate in the Sharq Taronalari festival/contest held in Uzbekistan, representing Cyprus, Greece and Germany. The committee of the competition awarded Lingua Franca Ensemble with the Soul of Devotees Special Award.

In May 2016 Lingua Franca Ensemble was invited by TedX University of Pireus (Athens, GR) in order to present the idea behind the formation of the ensemble as well as to perform live part of the album Ephemera.

Lingua Franca Ensemble is actively involved in music education. Both as an ensemble and as individuals, they give workshops and seminars on their field of expertise.
All the members of the ensemble are graduates of the Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam.
Furthermore Michalis Cholevas and Michalis Kouloumis are regular teachers of the World Music Department of CODARTS, having as main subject Modal Music of the Eastern Mediterranean cultures.


  • Ephemera
  • Exileosis
  • 19 steps of separation
  • Lahtara
  • To tertin
  • The return
  • Child 8 inception

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